Nexus members are a diverse group of individuals from academia, the media, private and public sectors. The aim of the forum is to provide a common venue for these Icelandic stakeholders in security and defence, and promote an open debate.

We achieve this by, among other things;

  • Publish work by our members (both in our newsletter and on the website),
  • Invite members to hold public lectures,
  • Write opinions on legislation to Althingi,
  • Forward invitations to conferences and other international opportunities,
  • Publish a newsletter for members who have paid the annual fee,
  • Hold mixers, group trips and other interesting events.

With the annual fee of 2000 ISK, members also support the Nexus Scholarship, which is awarded annually to an individual who is conducting research in the area of security and defence.

According to the Nexus constitution, membership is for those who conduct research and specialist work in the area of security and defence, or have a connection to public administration in the area. Members must have a masters degree or relevant work experience in security and defence, but the board can make exceptions for individuals considered qualified by other means.

We encourage all those who are interested to join Nexus and take part in our work!